August 18, 2014

Aries – A better week awaits you! Much soul searching is needed to understand your current situation. Health issues continue to improve. Past issues come to an end.

Taurus – Pause and take note. This is not the week to push ahead. Fall back and allow matters to unfold naturally.

Gemini – Major changes to plans may derail you slightly. However, the ultimate outcome will be to your liking.

Cancer – Worry gives way to relief and celebration. Finances and family strife improve over the next few months.

Leo – Earned money increases over the next few days. Job hunting bears more fruit. Monetize skills and hobbies.

Virgo – A protracted issue will finally get the attention it needs to be solved, once and for all.

Libra – You will have to jump on an unexpected opportunity and make it work. Good news about job, money is on the way.

Scorpio – Money that is due you from a corporation or institution is coming. Have patience with those who’s views are different from yours.

Sagittarius – Many shifts at work and at home are taking place. Find your balance and enjoy the ride.

Capricorn – This will be one of the best weeks you have had in awhile. Goals manifest without you struggling to make them happen. The right people make contact with you and projects fall into place.

Aquarius – More love and appreciation is shown to you at this time. A feeling of “yes, I can make this happen” will be the inspiration you need to get you over the hump.

Pisces – Making ends meet is the focus for you this week. Career is emphasized and a positive omen about the progress you are making will encourage you to power through difficult times.

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