August 11, 2014

Aries – Find balance. Emotionally and healthwise things are off quilter. View a difficult situation from a different angle to get the full spectrum. See things from other people’s perspective.

Taurus – Follow your gut as things are moving in the right direction. This is the time to be aggressive in your personal pursuits.

Gemini – Relax. Don’t push things because that will be counterproductive. Get intouch with your spirituality

Cancer – A payout from an intuition is on the way. Finances are picking up. You can breathe a little now.

Leo – The Super Moon will do you some good. Strained relationships will improve, especially with females, and a relocation is looking more promising.

Virgo – Moving forward seems to be a struggle. Love life is slow. The closer you get to September, the faster the pace will be.

Libra – Keep your eyes and ears open when it comes to a significant other. See things for what they really are. It’s time for you to make hard decisions about other aspects of your life.

Scorpio– You may feel overwhelmed with just about everything. Your tolerance level is low and that may be due to the Super Moon. The phase will pass and you will be back on track in no time.

Sagittarius – The team work frame work is not panning out. Co-workers are causing problems. This is a good time to break away from the pack and work independently.

Capricorn – There is tension between you and your circle of people. This is a good time to take extended lunches or leave work early and spend as much time alone as possible. Until the Super moon passes.

Aquarius – You are seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. This is an emotional time because of the incredible Super moon this week. Finances pick up by Friday.

Pisces – You are more anxious and testy than usual. That could be attributed to the Super moon. This moon could bring a financial opportunity your way.

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