August 4, 2014

Aries – Single Aries may be growing tired of being alone. Over the next few weeks, life will work to bring you a partner. Your dreams and intimations give you a heads up on who’s coming or how. News about a new job/career/business opportunity will come this week.

Taurus – You are recovering nicely from health and emotional issues. This is a good week for you as things run smoothly.

Gemini – “Happy” will be your theme song. Life is moving in the right direction and finances are improving.

Cancer – You give and receive guidance. It’s ok to ask for help from time to time. People are there for you.

Leo – Dating life is looking up for single Leo’s. Enjoy the process of meeting new potential partners. Don’t think to far ahead.

Virgo – Career and romance are highlighted. Both will take a turn for the better by week’s end.

Libra – Money problems are looking up. You will receive help this week.

Scorpio – Career and financial gain are heating up. Serious breakthroughs will be made in advancement in your job/business.

Sagittarius – Legal issues may pop up but you have the resources to handle them.

Capricorn – Love and romance are in play. You are being cautious and that’s find. There is a lot of potential, no need to rush things.

Aquarius – Perhaps you need to view a situation or dilemma from a different angle. That’s where you will find your answers.


Pisces – You’re at the fork in the road again. You will make the right choice. Life is on the upswing now.

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