July 28, 2014

Aries – Working relationships and partnerships may be strained. Projects may not proceed as planned. Don’t force the issue. Plan to move forward next week.

Taurus – You are on the right course now. Career and business are moving along nicely. Help will come from unexpected places.

Gemini – Move on from love that has not worked out. A new potential mate will make their presence known to you.

Cancer – This is a good week to sign contracts, make deals and book vacations or a party venue.

Leo – After a long hibernation you will slowly emerge and be given encouraging news about your career/job hunt.

Virgo – You will have your justice just be patient. There is a supportive person in your corner that will be there when you need them.

Libra – Money comes in slower than you had hoped but the pace will pick up once August arrives.

Scorpio – Career/Job opportunities continue to be the focal point for you. Progress will be made now with an increase in finances and your profile since Mars is in the house of Scorpio. Travel is on the forefront as well.

Sagittarius – It’s time for major change in your life. Shake things up. Make big moves. Now is the time change jobs, start a relationship or spice one up.

Capricorn – You will be able to circumvent stubborn obstacles or people. Prolonged health issues are now on the path to healing. Be ready to jump on a new opportunity.

Aquarius – Early this week will move at a snails pace. Work through the frustration and know things will start moving forward by Friday. Job and housing transition is highlighted for you this year.

Pisces – You feel hopeful about business and the trajectory of your life. You have more control. Work through bouts of sadness.

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