July 21, 2014

Aries – Relations improve with a particular female you have issues with. Finances stabilize. Pursue artistic ideas.

Taurus – A few things did not go as planned but don’t stress it. Someone will step in and offer up help. Rest as much as possible. This has been a draining month.

Gemini – Your good streak continues. Friends step up to the plate. Money starts to materialize.

Cancer – Sickness may have slowed you down but you are coming back quickly. It’s time you take better stock of yourself and your health. Job/career comes into focus at the end of the week. Let the cards fall where they may.

Leo – Relationships, both platonic and romantic improve. There are delays when it comes to employment or money being released but both will pick come through soon.

Virgo – Balance is important for you. Trust that you are on the right track and have faith in your decisions. Legal issues or issues with corporations will be resolved.

Libra – The pace of your life picks up, finally. Watch your thoughts and how you speak about yourself. No self deprecating humor. Keep your attitude positive.

Scorpio – Challenges with a dominate female figure may drain your energy. It doesn’t have to – don’t get overly emotional about it. Pay attention to your dreams and intimations as they will give you a heads up on career and residential shifts coming soon. Tradition, religion and legacy are on your mind.

Sagittarius – Money flow improves. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to your horoscope for information to help you capitalize on opportunities.

Capricorn – Connecting with friends and family feed your soul. New people enter into your life. Some can help you move forward with a project.

Aquarius – You are growing spiritually and your progress has already started to show. A disappointment can actually prove to be a blessing.

Pisces – Working with others will be rewarding. Trust your intuition and let your true feelings be known.

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