July 14, 2014

Aries – This is a great week for manifestation. One or two important projects will yield rewards. This makes you happy.

Taurus – Religion and spiritual matters consume your thoughts. Relationships with corporate heads run smoothly.

Gemini – You are thinking about leaving a situation you feel no longer suits you. But stop and think before you make the final move. A revelation of sorts will be had.

Cancer – Finding truth is important to you. Don’t be afraid to come out of your shell and socialize. Being vulnerable actually strengthens you.

Leo – Creativity and money go hand and hand. Express your artistic side it can be rewarding. Don’t fear asking for assistance.

Virgo – Partnerships, working relationships may hit a snag. Don’t let this throw you. Stay balanced.

Libra – Don’t fear personal ruin. Relax and you will see everything will be fine.

Scorpio – Job/Career is the theme this week. Progress with earned income is foreshadowed. Job hunters get positive feedback.

Capricorn – Stay grounded. Finances balance out. Real estate comes into focus. You will like how this week unfolds.

Sagittarius – Communication may not go smoothly as usual. Mercury won’t reach optimum speed until July 16th. Wait until then to dialogue about important ideas and your vision will go over better.

Aquarius – Worry will have you feeling weighted down. Whatever the issue is, surrender it! Let life deal with it. You will be better off for doing so.

Pisces – For singles: the cosmos are working to bring you someone special. For attached: the cosmos are working to make sure your relationship moves forward in a positive manner.

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