July 7, 2014

Aries – You may have to stand up to authority when it comes to your personal finances. You have no problems defending yourself and putting people in their place. The results will be favorable!

Taurus – Verbal disputes or misunderstandings will lead to a temporary split. This time will be good for all parties to heal and move on.

Gemini – Love and dating are going strong. However, conflicts or disagreements can set things off course. Blame the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde for that. Things should be back to normal mid-July.

Cancer – Struggles with money should not leave you worried as a breakthrough will come this week. You will be flattered by romantic attention.

Leo – Finding your footing has been difficult but you will get some much needed help from a female friend.

Virgo – Short trips are likely. New influential people will enter your life.

Libra – Money slowly streams in throughout the week. This makes you happy.

Scorpio– Financial woes leave you overwhelmed. But solutions come to help you circumvent any real problems.

Sagittarius – Moodiness impedes progress. Respond favorably to flirting from other people. Have fun.

Capricorn – Romantic pursuits will be slow but rewarding in the end. Don’t the little things get to you.

Aquarius – For single people, this is a great week to date. Financially, this is a strong period. Let your artistic side show.

Pisces – Dealing with large corporations or authority figures is taxing on your mind. You are at a crossroads. The answers you need will come. Good news at the end of the week will help.

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