June 30, 2014

Aries – Stress and worry consume much of your thoughts and emotions. Luckily, Mercury will go direct on Tuesday so some of that angst will be relieved. By Friday, things should be back to normal. Additional answers to health issues come your way.

Taurus – Contracts, tacit agreements, negotiations are in the works. The future looks bright.

Gemini – Mercury goes direct on Tuesday and that brings an end to the energy you were feeling in June. You get to relax and start fresh.

Cancer – You feel life is slowly coming together. At work you make brownie points. This is a winning week.

Leo – After a spat, amends are made and important relationships remain intact.

Virgo – Emotions are running high and major changes are coming. You are at the tail end of the transition. Mercury going direct on Tuesday helps ease some of the growing pains.

Libra – Your spiritual side is strong. Follow your instincts when it comes to money and property. You can’t go wrong.

Scorpio– A helping hand comes to you. You will get to breath once a matter comes to a close this week.

Sagittarius – You receive your just desserts and it puts a smile on your face. Goals are being to manifest. Enjoy it!

Capricorn – Money and residential issues get ironed out! Life will step in and help with any confusion.

Aquarius – Another great week ahead. Your goals are palpable now and that encourages you to continue on.

Pisces – Don’t be stubborn when it come to love and relationships. Don’t allow past issues to cloud your judgment. An open mind and heart makes communication a lot easier.

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