June 23, 2014

Aries – Any disagreements that take place, analyze them later as they hold a nugget of information that is helpful to you! Use your creative side and make or build something.

Taurus – Finances continue to improve. Any delays with projects or career that you have experienced will subside. Things will start to move forward.

Gemini – You make significant points at work and win small victories. The weight on your shoulders is lifting.

Cancer – Legal judgments are in your favor. Happy times this week with friends and family. More balance can be had in your life if you allow it and not play the victim role.

Leo – New financial opportunities open up for you. However, you are still feeling stressed. This could be due to a particular individual. Don’t let anyone have that much control over your emotions.

Virgo – You come up against influential people and win. Good news is coming regarding work/business.

Libra – Money is slowly coming in despite Mercury Retrograde. Dating and Romance increases.

Scorpio – You may be sad about a legal issue. But, you must learn to use creative thinking to get the outcome you want. This is a lesson not a punishment!

Sagittarius – Money making opportunities improve. You may be eligible for a loan or grant. Love and relationships take front seat soon.

Capricorn – Change is good. You are experiencing a lot of it. Roll with the punches because it will benefit you in the long run.

Aquarius – You are favored when it comes to making big advances career/business wise. You will get the assistance you need to move forward with business plans.

Pisces – Money and career are the main course. You will do well with both this week. An uptick in your financial reserve is coming.

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