June 16, 2014

Aries – Matters related to home will be addressed. Stay on top of finances. Check bank and investment statements for possible errors.

Taurus – Romance looks positive. Health improves and legal issues get a positive boost.

Gemini – You may be out of sorts because Mercury is retrograde in your house. Health issues will improve. Ignore egocentric people.

Cancer – Financial issues may plague you early in the week but quickly get resolved. Relax when it comes to any legal issues. Misunderstandings get ironed out.

Leo – You get some support. Relief will come this week. It’s time you change your thinking about persistent problems.

Virgo – Money will trickle in slowly. Some of your plans may get off to a slow start because of Mercury retrograde.

Libra – A separation may have you feeling down. A rekindling can take place in July once Mercury goes direct.

Scorpio – You will be pleased with the progress you make with career and personal projects. Interesting romantic possibilities come your way.

Sagittarius – Challenges on the career front can be overcome by following your intuition. Misunderstanding will ensue. Avoid arguments.

Capricorn – Start planning a vacation. Tend to health matters before they get out of hand. Skin irritations need to be addressed by holistic means.

Aquarius – This is a good week for dating or romancing your partner. Money is stable.

Pisces – You have residential or career change on your mind. Finish the projects you have on the table. An important female figure will be a source of luck for you.

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