June 9, 2014

Aries – Mercury is in retrograde and things are moving slower for you than usual. Decisions that you are waiting on will be delayed. That does not mean denial. Money trickles in.

Taurus – You are not appreciating the bright side of things. You have been given a gift be thankful or it might be rescinded.

Gemini – Focusing on self has its advantages. Take time out for you therefore you can be of better service to others later on.

Cancer – Your financial forecast continues to improve despite the Mercury retrograde. Hard work continues to pay off.

Leo – This is the time to make serious decisions that will have a long lasting impact. Act on them in late July. Your spiritual perception is high listen to the information you receive.

Virgo – You are more emotional than usual because Mercury is in retrograde in Cancer and Gemini but you will be able to conquer this. Increased income and small victories are highlighted.

Libra – Finances may take a slight hit but you will recover quickly. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Scorpio – Government and law will play a role in your life this week. There will be someone to guide you through the process. Don’t engage in petty disputes.

Sagittarius – Despite Mercury retrograde this is a good week for you to finalize contracts. Make sure to read the fine print. Romantic relationships take a front row seat.

Capricorn – The focus is on your home. Make necessary changes. No need to be emotional about it. Just get what you need done.

Aquarius – What you know is for your own good no need to impose your views on others. Travel or making plans to travel lifts your spirit. Get out and socialize.

Pisces – Make the changes you want to see. There doesn’t have to be heaviness attached to the process. Be decisive.




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