June 2, 2014

Aries – You reconnect with people who you have lost contact with. They may be of some assistance. A project will end but you get to move on to the next.

Taurus – You feel strongly about your career and health. Both are heading in the right direction. Stay on track. Travel if you get the chance.

Gemini – Influential people assist with obtaining financial support. Romantic relationships come into focus.

Cancer – Get creative instead of worrying. Your ship is about to come in. Make sure you are prepared.

Leo– Encouraging news is coming. This will help with your big plans. Don’t be shy about seeking advice.

Virgo – Money woes improve. You will have a better handle on your expenses soon.

Libra – Much needed healing is taking place. You are wiser now because of your suffering so you can assist others. There is a strong focus on partnership both platonic and romantic.

Scorpio – Money trickles in slowly but it’s right on time. Legal matters will be resolved in due time. You are favored by the cosmos.

Sagittarius – Fun times will be had. You make progress with home renovations. Money streams in at a good pace.

Capricorn – You will make the right choice and will be rewarded for it. Finances are strong.

Aquarius – Another good week lies ahead. Gatherings with friends and family are emphasized. Health issues clear up. And you are pleased with how things are going.

Pisces – You are actually making progress. Persistent issues are fading. However, this week will move slower than you had hoped. Relax and know that behind the scenes, everything is being worked out for your greater good.


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