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June 30, 2014

Aries – Stress and worry consume much of your thoughts and emotions. Luckily, Mercury will go direct on Tuesday so some of that angst will be relieved. By Friday, things should be back to normal. Additional answers to health issues come your way.

Taurus – Contracts, tacit agreements, negotiations are in the works. The future looks bright.

Gemini – Mercury goes direct on Tuesday and that brings an end to the energy you were feeling in June. You get to relax and start fresh.

Cancer – You feel life is slowly coming together. At work you make brownie points. This is a winning week.

Leo – After a spat, amends are made and important relationships remain intact.

Virgo – Emotions are running high and major changes are coming. You are at the tail end of the transition...

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June 23, 2014

Aries – Any disagreements that take place, analyze them later as they hold a nugget of information that is helpful to you! Use your creative side and make or build something.

Taurus – Finances continue to improve. Any delays with projects or career that you have experienced will subside. Things will start to move forward.

Gemini – You make significant points at work and win small victories. The weight on your shoulders is lifting.

Cancer – Legal judgments are in your favor. Happy times this week with friends and family. More balance can be had in your life if you allow it and not play the victim role.

Leo – New financial opportunities open up for you. However, you are still feeling stressed. This could be due to a particular individual...

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June 16, 2014

Aries – Matters related to home will be addressed. Stay on top of finances. Check bank and investment statements for possible errors.

Taurus – Romance looks positive. Health improves and legal issues get a positive boost.

Gemini – You may be out of sorts because Mercury is retrograde in your house. Health issues will improve. Ignore egocentric people.

Cancer – Financial issues may plague you early in the week but quickly get resolved. Relax when it comes to any legal issues. Misunderstandings get ironed out.

Leo – You get some support. Relief will come this week. It’s time you change your thinking about persistent problems.

Virgo – Money will trickle in slowly. Some of your plans may get off to a slow start because of Mercury retrograde.

Libra – A separation may have you feeling down...

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June 9, 2014

Aries – Mercury is in retrograde and things are moving slower for you than usual. Decisions that you are waiting on will be delayed. That does not mean denial. Money trickles in.

Taurus – You are not appreciating the bright side of things. You have been given a gift be thankful or it might be rescinded.

Gemini – Focusing on self has its advantages. Take time out for you therefore you can be of better service to others later on.

Cancer – Your financial forecast continues to improve despite the Mercury retrograde. Hard work continues to pay off.

Leo – This is the time to make serious decisions that will have a long lasting impact. Act on them in late July. Your spiritual perception is high listen to the information you receive.

Virgo – You are more emotional than usual because Mercury is in ...

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June 2, 2014

Aries – You reconnect with people who you have lost contact with. They may be of some assistance. A project will end but you get to move on to the next.

Taurus – You feel strongly about your career and health. Both are heading in the right direction. Stay on track. Travel if you get the chance.

Gemini – Influential people assist with obtaining financial support. Romantic relationships come into focus.

Cancer – Get creative instead of worrying. Your ship is about to come in. Make sure you are prepared.

Leo– Encouraging news is coming. This will help with your big plans. Don’t be shy about seeking advice.

Virgo – Money woes improve. You will have a better handle on your expenses soon.

Libra – Much needed healing is taking place...

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