May 26, 2014

Aries – You will be happier than you have been in awhile. Health issues get attention. Job related problems get dealt with.

Taurus – You are able to successfully circumvent stubborn people who are blocking your progress. Much headway will be made.

Gemini – Tone down your aggression and practice patience with people who are not as sharp as you.

Cancer – You can take a breather and allow things to fall in place. Legal issues move forward in a positive way.

Leo – This will be an intense period for you as Mercury prepares to go into retrograde. The job hunt picks up steam and travel is coming up.

Virgo – You are a hard worker and your work is paying off. You will see results soon. Take time to enjoy life.

Libra – Despite the intransigence of people, you will have many bright spots that will help you move forward with your plans. Accept party invites.

Scorpio – Whatever is gnawing at you, let it go. Adopt a “whatever” attitude and it will change your mood. Fiances look stable. A trip is coming up.

Sagittarius – Your instincts are off because you are melancholy. Money flow will be good. Authority figures will try to bully you, however, unsuccessfully.

Capricorn – You need a vacation and one is on the way. Have an idea of where you want to go and the ether will get to work to manifest it for you.

Aquarius – You will like what this week has to offer in the way of positive news on the job/career front and regarding health issues. Strong and helpful male energy surrounds you. This goes for men and women Aquarians.

Pisces – As Mercury prepares to go into retrograde, your mind begins to play tricks on you. Relax and think things through before taking action. You will achieve a small victory.


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