May 19, 2014

*Mars Goes Direct at 9:28pm Eastern Standard Time

Aries – Your ruling planet Mars going direct will bring an end to an injustice or lengthy legal battle. Chronic health issues get the specific attention they need.

Taurus – Learn the science of money, it will help generate a more balanced flow of money in, money out!

Gemini – Career advancements are taking place. You are feeling freer and gaining more footing.

Cancer – Great week ahead for you! All goes your way. Release the worry. Projects get a major boost.

Leo – Job/financial woes subside as new opportunities appear. Remove the mental and physical blocks in your life.

Virgo – Major healing is taking place. You are a winner. Stop the mental torture.

Libra – Stability is the focus for you! You either have it or will have it soon, especially when it comes to home and relationships. Finances are strong.

Scorpio – Family is highlighted. Good times with old friends are in the works. People rally around you to show support and love.

Sagittarius – Finances are becoming more stable. Entrepreneurship is strongly favored. Learn not to be combative!

Capricorn – Keep your eyes open when it comes to spirituality and esoteric matters. Ancestors and other light energies are trying to show you they are there to help you! Keep an open mind and heart. There is nothing to fear!

Aquarius – Mending old friendships should be considered! Romantic endeavors look favorable! For those that are romantically involved, an engagement is possible soon! In general, you are at a crossroads, go with your heart!

Pisces – Release emotional ties to past romances in order to open up a door for a new one! For Pisces already involved, soulmate connection is what you have! Stay positive! Stay Strong! Residential/job relocation is on the horizon.


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