May 12, 2014

The shadow phase of the April 28th Eclipse ended on May 10, 2014. So you can breath a sigh of relief. Mars will return to direct motion on May 19, 2014. Energy will flow easier.

Aries – Hold your post when it comes to overly pushy and aggressive women. However, have compassion and understanding as to why they are a particular way.

Taurus – A few endeavors that you gave your all to did not pan out as you had hoped because you did not follow your instincts. Try it again, this time following your gut.

Gemini – Social networking and making new friends is what you will be doing this week. This will be a magical time for you.

Cancer – You are on pause mode. Things will start to move at a better pace next week. Money flow will pick up towards the end of the week.

Leo – Financially this is a rocky time for you and that is sending you on an emotional roller coaster. Stay strong, things will turn around soon. Meanwhile, the most important expenses will be taken care of.

Virgo – You have a lot on your mind and it is weighing you down. Trust your own psychic abilities as they are alerting you to better times ahead.

Libra – An emotional week is ahead for you only because you refuse to release the past. Relax. All will be fine.

Scorpio – People from your past pop in and out of your life to help out with finances and moral support.

Sagittarius – You learn new information about your own spiritual beliefs, as well as, some established religions. This has an impact on an old perspective.

Capricorn – You are doing a mental number on yourself. Your intuition is trying to alert you that it’s time for a change.

Aquarius – Legal issues move forward in a positive way. New opportunities to expand your base open up for you.

Pisces – Rewards finally arrives. This difficult time you have been going through is directly related to your positive spiritual growth.




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