May 5, 2014

Aries – Health and well being are the focal point for you. Solutions will come. Discard anything or anyone causing you grief.

Taurus – It’s time to make solid decisions about what you want to accomplish for this year. You have the resolve to reach your goals.

Gemini – You will be in a great mood mostly due to the positive shift in your thinking.

Cancer – Travel and positive changes at work/business take place. Your determination is to be admired.

Leo – Maternal/paternal instincts kick into high gear. You demonstrate incredible concentration and discipline. Money flow is good.

Virgo – Happiness and peace of mind come from detachment. Surrender all things out of your control. Get in touch with your psychic abilities for answers.

Libra – People may not be interested in what you have to say. They have to learn for themselves. You will have a much needed “AHA” moment.

Scorpio – Major changes are coming your way. They will be slow in getting off the ground initially but will pick up speed this month.

Sagittarius – Illumination comes from travel. Plan to take several trips this year it will be most beneficial to your mind and soul. Strong women surround you. They offer up support.

Capricorn – It’s tough for you to deal with authority figures. Be vocal and make your feelings known. If you do, your respect level will rise.

Aquarius – This will be a productive week. Things will flow easily for you and people will fall into line without much difficulty. Health issues improve. Finances are stable.

Pisces – Frustration levels peek when dealing with stubborn people. Difficult situations will get resolved. Money flows to you easier.


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