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May 26, 2014

Aries – You will be happier than you have been in awhile. Health issues get attention. Job related problems get dealt with.

Taurus – You are able to successfully circumvent stubborn people who are blocking your progress. Much headway will be made.

Gemini – Tone down your aggression and practice patience with people who are not as sharp as you.

Cancer – You can take a breather and allow things to fall in place. Legal issues move forward in a positive way.

Leo – This will be an intense period for you as Mercury prepares to go into retrograde. The job hunt picks up steam and travel is coming up.

Virgo – You are a hard worker and your work is paying off. You will see results soon. Take time to enjoy life.

Libra – Despite the intransigence of people, you will have many bright spots that will he...

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May 19, 2014

*Mars Goes Direct at 9:28pm Eastern Standard Time

Aries – Your ruling planet Mars going direct will bring an end to an injustice or lengthy legal battle. Chronic health issues get the specific attention they need.

Taurus – Learn the science of money, it will help generate a more balanced flow of money in, money out!

Gemini – Career advancements are taking place. You are feeling freer and gaining more footing.

Cancer – Great week ahead for you! All goes your way. Release the worry. Projects get a major boost.

Leo – Job/financial woes subside as new opportunities appear. Remove the mental and physical blocks in your life.

Virgo – Major healing is taking place. You are a winner. Stop the mental torture.

Libra – Stability is the focus for you! You either have it or will have it soo...

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May 12, 2014

The shadow phase of the April 28th Eclipse ended on May 10, 2014. So you can breath a sigh of relief. Mars will return to direct motion on May 19, 2014. Energy will flow easier.

Aries – Hold your post when it comes to overly pushy and aggressive women. However, have compassion and understanding as to why they are a particular way.

Taurus – A few endeavors that you gave your all to did not pan out as you had hoped because you did not follow your instincts. Try it again, this time following your gut.

Gemini – Social networking and making new friends is what you will be doing this week. This will be a magical time for you.

Cancer – You are on pause mode. Things will start to move at a better pace next week. Money flow will pick up towards the end of the week.

Leo – Financially this i...

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May 5, 2014

Aries – Health and well being are the focal point for you. Solutions will come. Discard anything or anyone causing you grief.

Taurus – It’s time to make solid decisions about what you want to accomplish for this year. You have the resolve to reach your goals.

Gemini – You will be in a great mood mostly due to the positive shift in your thinking.

Cancer – Travel and positive changes at work/business take place. Your determination is to be admired.

Leo – Maternal/paternal instincts kick into high gear. You demonstrate incredible concentration and discipline. Money flow is good.

Virgo – Happiness and peace of mind come from detachment. Surrender all things out of your control. Get in touch with your psychic abilities for answers.

Libra – People may not be interested in what you have...

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