April 28, 2014

Aries – Let your true feelings be seen. Financial progress is being made. More opportunities to date open up.

Taurus – Health issues improve. Difficulties at work arise but are dealt with quickly.

Gemini – You see a ray of sunshine in a dark situation. You will be happy with how it all turns out.

Cancer – Romance and love are high on your list. This will be a great week for starting and/or building a partnership.

Leo – Worrying will do you no good. Start planning and make sure you are seeing a situation for what it truly is.

Virgo– Metamorphosis is what you are going through in many aspects of your life. Adopt new positive thinking patterns. New job opportunities open up.

Libra – Some of your plans have stalled but will get moving by mid-week.

Scorpio– Change is taking place. You are starting off fresh. Take lessons from the past and plot out a new path.

Sagittarius– You work well with people this week. A new perspective helps make life easier. A trip is coming up soon.

Capricorn– News about legal decisions is on the way. Justice is what you seek and what you shall receive.

Aquarius– You make headway with important plans. Finances strengthen.

Pisces – Old issues arise. This time you are better equipped to handle and put them to rest for good. Dating activity increases.




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