April 21, 2014

Aries – You are lacking self-confidence. You may have suffered a lost or some indignities. This period will soon fade. Now is the time to start talking yourself up and getting back into the game.

Taurus – For Single Taurus, you are entering a more successful period when it comes love. For partnered Taurus, your romance grows stronger.

Gemini – You are not seeing great opportunities that are right in front of you. Things may not come perfectly packaged but they contain everything you want.

Cancer – You can and will be successful with romantic relationships. Be certain to see things as they truly are and not through your emotional lens.

Leo – News will come that will help you let go and move forward. Financially, this is a good week.

Virgo – You are worrying way to much. News will come that will be heaven sent. Romantic relationships come into focus.

Libra – Romance is at the forefront for you. Singe Libra’s, will find interesting dates. Attached Libra’s relationships will take an interesting turn.

Scorpio– This will be a highly charged week for you. You may feel overwhelmed. Monetarily, things will work out.

Sagittarius – Don’t take any action when it comes to authority or corporations. It’s best to observe for now. You will be pleased with what’s in-store for you in the coming weeks.

Capricorn – You are worried and frustrated but this period will pass. Stay focused on career. Success is so close.

Aquarius – Beware of wolves in sheep clothing. If your spidey senses are going off about a particular person then heed the warning.

Pisces – You’ve been feeling like you are stuck in a rut. Life has become boring and mundane. But that will change starting this week. You will feel excited and in control.


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