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April 28, 2014

Aries – Let your true feelings be seen. Financial progress is being made. More opportunities to date open up.

Taurus – Health issues improve. Difficulties at work arise but are dealt with quickly.

Gemini – You see a ray of sunshine in a dark situation. You will be happy with how it all turns out.

Cancer – Romance and love are high on your list. This will be a great week for starting and/or building a partnership.

Leo – Worrying will do you no good. Start planning and make sure you are seeing a situation for what it truly is.

Virgo– Metamorphosis is what you are going through in many aspects of your life. Adopt new positive thinking patterns. New job opportunities open up.

Libra – Some of your plans have stalled but will get moving by mid-week.

Scorpio– Change is taking place...

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April 21, 2014

Aries – You are lacking self-confidence. You may have suffered a lost or some indignities. This period will soon fade. Now is the time to start talking yourself up and getting back into the game.

Taurus – For Single Taurus, you are entering a more successful period when it comes love. For partnered Taurus, your romance grows stronger.

Gemini – You are not seeing great opportunities that are right in front of you. Things may not come perfectly packaged but they contain everything you want.

Cancer – You can and will be successful with romantic relationships. Be certain to see things as they truly are and not through your emotional lens.

Leo – News will come that will help you let go and move forward. Financially, this is a good week.

Virgo – You are worrying way to much...

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April 14, 2014

Aries – You have a lot work to complete before you can think about taking a vacation. Nurse a broken heart with exercise and fun activities.

Taurus – Interesting news about a particular person will arrive. This will help you move on to bigger and better things.

Gemini– You are being to much of a Gemini. You need to eliminate the double talk.

Cancer – You feel freer than you have in a very long time. Be spontaneous.

Leo – Patriarchs play a significant role in your life now. Your aggressiveness is more pronounced than usual. If single, go out and mingle.

Virgo– You get by on the skin of your teeth. Lay low and watch your health.

Libra – You are on better terms with a female. The feud between the two of you is subsiding.

Scorpio – A busy week awaits you...

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April 7, 2014

Aries – You may have trouble keeping up with the pace of this week! Career, home and travel are taking off and bearing fruit! This is what you wanted.

Taurus – Take care of your health. Your system is still compromised! You already know what you need to do to stay healthy.

Gemini – You have trouble staying focused only because you are thinking to much. Calm down and and things will fall into place.

Cancer – You are the nurturer. Your strong constitution and foundation is attractive to others on the same frequency. New friends will be made.

Leo – A satisfactory week awaits you. Your mood will be better than it has been in awhile. Travel is on the list of things to do. Don’t allow co-workers to spoil your fun.

Virgo – Differing opinions may leave you annoyed or wanting to lash out!...

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