March 17, 2014

Aries – Stability is what’s important at this juncture. You will have a better chance now of obtaining the security that you want. A side business is something you should consider.

Taurus – Your hunch turns out to be true. You have what it takes to make it big. Don’t sell yourself short.

Gemini – Disagreements with significant others blow over. Take a risk. It will prove to be worth your while.

Cancer – Make changes to your living space. Add accessories to your home that make you happy. This will have a positive impact on your life outside the home.

Leo – Slow down. You are moving to fast. You may miss something important. Legal matters get resolved.

Virgo – A trip is coming up for you soon. You will enjoy it more than you think. No need to make decisions now what until next week.

Libra – Relationships with those close to you improve, especially with older women. Money flow is good.

Scorpio – Think before you act. Don’t blow up or exaggerate a situation before you know all of the facts.

Sagittarius – The decision will be made for you if you are having trouble standing firm on an issue. Issues at work will start to improve.

Capricorn – Don’t take things to seriously. Plan a trip or a night out! It will do you much good.

Aquarius – Keep your eyes and ears open! It will help to have a heads up on things to avoid a rocky week.

Pisces – Disputes about financial matters will be aided by someone who has experience with these matters.


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