March 10, 2014

Aries – Financial issues get resolved. You have a secret admirer. Tradition and legacy play a big role in your life now.

Taurus – Someone is playing mental games with you and manipulating your emotions for their own personal gain. Be on guard.

Gemini – Not much input or action is needed from you. Take this time to observe.

Cancer – Tie up loose ends. Recovery from major disappointment is possible. Stability and material gain are in the works.

Leo – You don’t see eye to eye with a matriarch. Don’t try to convince her. A lead on a money making opportunity is right for you.

Virgo – An end to a chronic problem is coming soon. You need to change your thinking about a particular issue. You get encouraging news that will motivate you.

Libra – Trust your instincts when it comes to a close friend or business partner. News about employment will come.

Scorpio – You are working on a new way of seeing the world. A chance at new love energizes you.

Sagittarius – No one is trying to steal your thunder. Keep your personal issues to yourself. Pay attention to your dreams about your partner or soon to be partner.

Capricorn – Luck is on your side when it comes to attracting and maintaining romantic relationships. Make sure you allow things to happen naturally. Don’t try to control everything.

Aquarius – You will be pleased this week. Important developments at work put you on the right path.

Pisces – Relax when it comes to making money. Your worrying will only make matters worse and cause more conflict. Everything will work out. Just give it time.


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