March 3, 2014

Aries – We are still in the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde and your ruling planet Mars has now gone retrograde. This week will move slow! No need to be extra aggressive it will not help. Ride this week out.

Taurus – Health is at the forefront. Take care of yourself and listen to your instincts on how to get better. Financial assistance will come.

Gemini – Dating and love flow smoothly. Don’t forget to also fall in-love with yourself.

Cancer – Your emotional current is high! Mercury Retrograde is still affecting you. A bright spot regarding your career/job will lift your spirits.

Leo – Friends and fun are the main objectives. Your support team rallies around you to see you through a tight spot.

Virgo – More joy enters your life when news about money comes early in the week.

Libra – Indecision sets in regarding someone close to you. It’s okay to let go.

Scorpio – Despite Mercury Retrograde shadow phase, this will be a great week financially. Be sure to celebrate with friends and family.

Sagittarius – People bare their souls to you. Your wisdom and time is needed by younger people.

Capricorn – You are on the come back financially. Issues related to taxes and financial institutions will be resolved quickly.

Aquarius – Don’t allow one setback to throw you off course. Regroup and tackle the matter again.

Pisces – Money issues are looking up. Help comes from a friend. Learn from your mistakes.


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