Monthly Archives March 2014

March 31, 2014

Aries – Look into alternative/holistic remedies for health issues. Major changes in your diet and health regimen is needed for optimum health.

Taurus – Good news concerning income is on the way. Monitor your thoughts. Keep them positive.

Gemini – Take care of your health. Don’t over indulge this week. Problems at work improve.

Cancer – The new moon on March 30th will have an emotional impact on you. Positive changes at work will require you to be more alert and more vocal.

Leo– Finances steadily improve. You will begin to feel more stable and more reassured about the future.

Virgo – Learn from conflicts. You are frustrated because you feel confined and want to break free. Your time will come.

Libra – Friends bring you joy. A close partnership gives you life. Money flow is good.

Scorpio – A...

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No Tarotscope for week of March 24, 2014 Due to Technical Issues!

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March 17, 2014

Aries – Stability is what’s important at this juncture. You will have a better chance now of obtaining the security that you want. A side business is something you should consider.

Taurus – Your hunch turns out to be true. You have what it takes to make it big. Don’t sell yourself short.

Gemini – Disagreements with significant others blow over. Take a risk. It will prove to be worth your while.

Cancer – Make changes to your living space. Add accessories to your home that make you happy. This will have a positive impact on your life outside the home.

Leo – Slow down. You are moving to fast. You may miss something important. Legal matters get resolved.

Virgo – A trip is coming up for you soon. You will enjoy it more than you think...

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March 10, 2014

Aries – Financial issues get resolved. You have a secret admirer. Tradition and legacy play a big role in your life now.

Taurus – Someone is playing mental games with you and manipulating your emotions for their own personal gain. Be on guard.

Gemini – Not much input or action is needed from you. Take this time to observe.

Cancer – Tie up loose ends. Recovery from major disappointment is possible. Stability and material gain are in the works.

Leo – You don’t see eye to eye with a matriarch. Don’t try to convince her. A lead on a money making opportunity is right for you.

Virgo – An end to a chronic problem is coming soon. You need to change your thinking about a particular issue. You get encouraging news that will motivate you.

Libra – Trust your instincts when it comes to a close friend o...

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March 3, 2014

Aries – We are still in the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde and your ruling planet Mars has now gone retrograde. This week will move slow! No need to be extra aggressive it will not help. Ride this week out.

Taurus – Health is at the forefront. Take care of yourself and listen to your instincts on how to get better. Financial assistance will come.

Gemini – Dating and love flow smoothly. Don’t forget to also fall in-love with yourself.

Cancer – Your emotional current is high! Mercury Retrograde is still affecting you. A bright spot regarding your career/job will lift your spirits.

Leo – Friends and fun are the main objectives. Your support team rallies around you to see you through a tight spot.

Virgo – More joy enters your life when news about money comes early in the week.

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