February 24, 2014



Aries – More understanding of health issues gives you mental and physical relief. Herbs and organic products speed up the healing process.



Taurus – Don’t exert yourself. Pay close attention to your health. Money woes subside.



Gemini – New love is on the agenda. A long distant trip is coming up soon.



Cancer – Explore your spiritual side. You are going through a metamorphosis. Legal issues move in a positive direction.



Leo – You must move on from disappoint. A change of scenery is needed and maybe a change in friends.



Virgo – Childhood issues resurface. Changing your perspective on an issue sheds new light. Career advancement is coming.



Libra – Moodiness plagues you. However, you are very sensitive to the emotions of those around you. Make sure to go out and enjoy yourself.



Scorpio – This is a calmer week. Good news about finances will help you breath a sigh of relief. A new job prospect is on the way.



Sagittarius – You are confused as to how to handle an issue pertaining to a large institution. The answer will come when you are not so emotional.



Capricorn – You can take a breather this week. Other people pick up the slack. Finances look good.



Aquarius – Changing your circle of friends and/or love interest is beneficial to you.



Pisces – Earning money is strong this week. Stay confident when in the presence of influential people.


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