February 17, 2013

Aries – Issues with money flow improve. Now is not the time to make any changes or take any trips unless you absolutely have to. Plans stall but start to move by the end of next week.

Taurus – Children may be on your mind or around you. This has a profound affect on you!Succeeding with tasks will be challenging because of Mercury retrograde!

Gemini – You are looking good and feeling good too. Your romantic life looks positive. Start looking into making positive changes to your career.

Cancer – Pay close attention to your dreams they will give you a heads up on what’s to come. You will receive help from an unexpected source.

Leo – A romance or close friendship may hit a snag. But someone else will step in and fill the void. Financial assistance is on the way.

Virgo – Keep your composure if you face any strife. The angels have already foreseen this and have made concessions for you. Money is coming but is slightly delayed.

Libra – You will see improvement regarding career/job. Anything that you feel guilty or tormented about needs to be permanently deleted from your memory. It’s no longer needed.

Scorpio – Things are moving way to slow for your liking. Delays and cancellations leave you frustrated. That will change by early next week.

Sagittarius – You are to focused on the negative. You need to start seeing the positive. No need to get overly emotional.

Capricorn – A separation of sorts has left you down. It was a blessing in disguise. Changes to your residence is in order.

Aquarius – Your financial outlook is great! Income increases. It could not have come at a better time.

Pisces – Important partnerships and friendships are the major theme for you. Your business is steadily increasing.

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