February 3, 2014


Aries – this stagnant period will end soon. Motivation will come from an unlikely place.


Taurus – a new female friend expands your vision. Money flow is good this week.



Gemini – you find yourself being late more than usual. Better planning is needed on your part or you could miss out on a good thing.



Cancer – no need to force the issue. Let things slide and give yourself a break.



Leo – big things are taking place. Go with the momentum. Travel for business is coming up.



Virgo – frustration sets in because of a persistent problem. A solution will come. Finances are strong.



Libra – take the high road. Don’t allow the antics of some, especially women, throw you.



Scorpio – the answers will come and they will be better than you expected.



Sagittarius – money matters improve. People want to hear your point of view.



Capricorn – stick to the program. See a project through to the end. Don’t allow authority figures to push your buttons.



Aquarius – a new romantic and/or business partnership will blossom.



Pisces – Stay strong as this will be an emotionally intense week. Vet the information that you receive from others. Take nothing at face value.


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