January 27th, 2014

Aries – The first couple of days will be slow but will quickly pick up to usher in a fast paced and exciting February.
Taurus – New ideas are getting off to a great start. Money and career are starting to look promising. Keep copious records.
Gemini – Potential mistakes will be averted. You are blessed. Think things through but don’t over analyze.
Cancer – Positive changes to your health and income will be felt this week. You are making progress.
Leo – Some friends may disappoint you. But don’t take it to heart. Some people just aren’t there yet. Money flow improves next week.
Virgo – Your thoughts about relationships will influence your actual ones. Be careful what you think. You are in good standing with financial institutions.
Libra – Love, marriage, dating are highlighted this week. All look to be inspiring and fulfilling.
Scorpio – Don’t be consumed by your emotions. They will destroy you. Stay balanced and know that the cosmos are working to move things in the right direction for you. Use your creativity to spruce up your living and working space.
Sagittarius – Stay on top of your health and your mental state. You are weaker than usual but this phase will pass soon.
Capricorn – Writing helps to combact confusion. Write or draw what you desire or aspire to be. A residential move is on the horizon.
Aquarius – The Magician card came up for you (feel free to Google that card). You have the power to make 2014 your year. Start planning. Take a short trip for inspiration. 
Pisces – You are exceptionally creative. You have the potential to make a living off of your talent. Events this week will give you a push to make it happen.

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