January 20, 2104

Aries – Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge them. There might be a touch of you in them. Celebrate and enjoy yourself this week.

Taurus – You are moving fast with career plans. Advice from friends is great but go with your instincts with this one.

Gemini – An end is coming to a plaguing problem. No need to analyze anything just be grateful.

Cancer – More romance is coming into your life. You make progress at work. A severing of sorts needs to take place in order for positive change to take place in your life.

Leo – Financially you are moving into a much better position. Romantically things are brightening up as well. This is a much needed life improvement.

Virgo – You are on the fence regarding a business or romantic relationship. Go with your gut. Libra – Love is the main course for you. Good news and revelation will come regarding the subject. Friendships are also on the agenda.

Scorpio– This will be a trying week so don’t push or force matters. Let them roll off your back. Take a care free attitude and everything will be fine.

Sagittarius- You are in the recovery stages and will soon be back in top shape and able to be mobile again.

Capricorn – Don’t let minor obstacles get you down. Solutions will come to you. Not everything needs to be figured out immediately.

Aquarius- Don’t be shy about being the center of attention. Allow certain trustworthy people to get close to you.

Pisces – Important news is coming about your project. This will be something to write home about.

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