January 6, 2014

Aries – You feel trapped and/or powerless. This is not the time to make any serious decisions. Don’t make any sudden moves either. Wait until the dust settles and you are thinking clearer to move forward.

– Major changes are taking place for you. You will have to make the best of a trying situation. Whatever you do, make sure it is out of love and not anger/fear.

– Fall back when confronted by authority. Now is not the time to mouth off. You will get your chance soon.

– A new way of doing things has come to you. Go with it. It’s time to make changes and shake things up. Your ideas on how to make money are viable.

Leo – This will be one of the best weeks you have had in a long time. Old friends reach out to you.

– People will say things to try to bring you down or discourage you. You are strong – let their vapid words bounce right off of your invisible protection shield. When you make a decision stick with it.

– You have made tremendous progress and your hardwork will pay off in the form of monetary gain.

– Pay attention to your health and don’t let naysayers influence your decision making.

Sagittarius– Be careful of the amount of debt you get into. If you lend money out don’t expect to get it back.

Capricorn– You are more psychic than usual. Pay attention to your insights as it will give you a preview of this year.

– This is a good week to partner with another person on a project. Financially it will pay off.

– This might be a trying time for some Pisces. However things will pick up soon. The good news is love life picks up as well as money flow.

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