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January 27th, 2014

Aries – The first couple of days will be slow but will quickly pick up to usher in a fast paced and exciting February.
Taurus – New ideas are getting off to a great start. Money and career are starting to look promising. Keep copious records.
Gemini – Potential mistakes will be averted. You are blessed. Think things through but don’t over analyze.
Cancer – Positive changes to your health and income will be felt this week. You are making progress.
Leo – Some friends may disappoint you. But don’t take it to heart. Some people just aren’t there yet. Money flow improves next week.
Virgo – Your thoughts about relationships will influence your actual ones. Be careful what you think. You are in good standing with financial institutions.
Libra – Love, marriage, dating are h...
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January 20, 2104

Aries – Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge them. There might be a touch of you in them. Celebrate and enjoy yourself this week.

Taurus – You are moving fast with career plans. Advice from friends is great but go with your instincts with this one.

Gemini – An end is coming to a plaguing problem. No need to analyze anything just be grateful.

Cancer – More romance is coming into your life. You make progress at work. A severing of sorts needs to take place in order for positive change to take place in your life.

Leo – Financially you are moving into a much better position. Romantically things are brightening up as well. This is a much needed life improvement.

Virgo – You are on the fence regarding a business or romantic relationship. Go with your gut...

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January 13, 2014

Aries – Take care of banking and financial matters. People share more of their personal matters with you. Take time to listen.

– Uncertainty regarding financial issues set in. An answer will come by the end of the week.

– You seem to be torturing yourself mentally for no reason. You are exaggerating something that’s not serious. Refocus your attention on positivity.

Cancer – Goodness comes to you because that’s the energy you put out. Dating/romance is highlighted.

Leo – You are a beacon of light to those around you. When called upon for help you should be there. That good gesture will return to you.

– Reach out and connect with those you have lost contact with. Relationships and friendships are emphasized.

Libra – You will have emotional ups and downs but the week w...

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January 6, 2014

Aries – You feel trapped and/or powerless. This is not the time to make any serious decisions. Don’t make any sudden moves either. Wait until the dust settles and you are thinking clearer to move forward.

– Major changes are taking place for you. You will have to make the best of a trying situation. Whatever you do, make sure it is out of love and not anger/fear.

– Fall back when confronted by authority. Now is not the time to mouth off. You will get your chance soon.

– A new way of doing things has come to you. Go with it. It’s time to make changes and shake things up. Your ideas on how to make money are viable.

Leo – This will be one of the best weeks you have had in a long time. Old friends reach out to you.

– People will say things to try to bring you dow...

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