December 30, 2013

Aries – You have an opportunity to make serious gains on a new project. Use this week to declutter and strengthen your health and foundation in preparation of the New Year!

Taurus – Mental restoration is what you need now. Seek counsel if necessary. Keep new ideas to yourself for the moment.

– Be courageous and go after what you want. You have nothing to lose but fear. Express your artistic side more.

Cancer – Make plans now for big career moves next year! The only thing you have to overcome is your own victim mentality!

Leo – You get a much needed career/job boost. The process will move fast so get ready.

Virgo – Money is still looking stellar for you. Unexpected money will pop up. You will get a chance to travel. Go for it! Business partnerships are great for you now.

Libra – Going into the New Year you need to adjust your thinking, vocabulary, and actions. All have to be in alignment in order for you to achieve what you truly want.

Scorpio – You are starting to feel a little overwhelmed again. No need to! Interesting prospects will come to you that could change the course of your life – for the better.

Sagittarius – Emotions run high this week, be careful of what you say because you can rub people the wrong way, unnecessarily! You have blinders on, make sure you seeing things 360 degrees.

Capricorn – Good news about jobs and career come to you this week! You have all the tools to be very successful.

Aquarius – This may be a trying week for you! But it doesn’t have to be if you approach it with a nonchalant attitude. You challenge traditional or antiquated thinking and that could stir up a hornets nest. Focus on ringing in the New Year with joy!

Pisces – Money flow looks good. You will carry this streak into the New Year! There will be a focus on Love in the New Year for you!

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