December 9, 2013

Aries – You have serious choices to make. You are not stuck with any one option. The potential you have is outstanding at this time. Focus on clearing out clutter in your home.

Taurus – Pause for a moment! Take no action this week! This is the time for you to observe and listen- don’t interject! Let go of what does not suit you anymore. Get in touch with the spiritual aspects of yourself.

Gemini – Get joy from sharing with others. Give more of yourself unconditionally and you will feel more fulfilled! Re-access your views on romantic relationships – makes sure they are based on reality and not on Hollywood fantasy!

Cancer – A satisfactory week lies ahead. Good times will be had. Some of your wishes are coming true. Ignore people that like to brag!

Leo – Structure and leadership are major themes for you. Both are needed in your life but there must be balance in their application. Father figures are central to your life.

Virgo – More people are becoming prominent in your life. You are embarking on a new and exciting journey and teamwork is vital to this venture. Watch and learn from others!

Libra – You are on the defense. It’s better to play offense. You are not a victim. Be cognizant of the choices you make, they are what creates your reality.

Scorpio – You need to hold yourself accountable for everything that happens in your life. Do not shift the blame to something or someone else. Think logically and don’t let your emotions run wild. Things will fall into place this week. Legal issues will turn in your favor.

Sagittarius – You are advancing. Things are moving quickly in the direction you want them to. There is no turning back now.

Capricorn – Be careful not to limit your options. You are imprisoning yourself via your own thinking. Expand your mind and your world will expand with it. Money flow is good this month.

Aquarius – You get a peak at the harvest that is about to come in. Property matters get sorted out. Home life is in a good place for now. Celebrate!

Pisces – Your instinct is to withdraw from the public. Do so for a day or so and then get back out there. People need to see you, feel your energy and hear what you have to say! You are a major piece of the puzzle.

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