December 2, 2013

Aries – December brings with it more loving energy that will be bestowed upon you. More compassion and understanding is coming your way.

Taurus – New partnerships are formed and new light is shed on past relationships. This week brings with it many “Ah Ha” moments.

Gemini – A better understanding of health issues will help to devise a healing strategy.

Cancer – Changes in your current romantic relationship status may leave you feeling uneasy at first. A wise older person helps you see things in a new way.

Leo – This is a great week for you financially. Use the money wisely.

– Great, yet clever ideas come to you via rest/mediation. Romantic partnerships and new friendships are highlighted.

– You get to collect on money and items that were owed you. That makes for a great week.

– Your instincts are trying to give you a heads up about your finances and career. Trust what you get! It is accurate information.

– Love and partnerships are the focus for you this week. A chance at finding someone special is strong. Forming a business relationships also looks positive.

– Watch and take care of your health during this time of year. Look into holistic means of healing an aliment!

– Love could be found through holiday celebrations. Get out and mingle as much as possible.

– Love is the theme for you this week as well. Your experience seems to be more deeply rooted in spiritual awakening and transformation. Go with the flow!

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