November 25, 2013

Aries – Take the advice of a young female that is close to you. She will give you insight into financial matters that will be helpful.

Taurus – There is strong activity surrounding your career. Go back to school or take classes to gain new skills or brush up on old ones.

Gemini – Put all your troubles aside and just enjoy this week with friends and family!Make a date with someone special.

Cancer – Stay calm and logical. You work well with others people this week.

Leo – Trouble with friendships and romantic relationships may have you concerned. Stay optimistic that all will work out in the end.

– You will end the month of November on a good note when it comes to being an all around winner. Good news regarding love/relationships will come soon.

Libra – Be flexible and open when it comes to love, dating and relationships. Live in the moment so therefore you enjoy it instead of stressing about the future.

– Money wise you close out November in the black. Your financial outlook for December looks pretty good too.

Sagittarius – Reconnecting with past friends bring good tidings to you for the new year coming.

– A residential or job change is on the horizon. Make the change it will be beneficial to you.

– Separating yourself from certain people and situations is proving to be difficult for you. It must be done and you will be happy you did so later.

– Change is good don’t resist it because you will block your blessings. Stay positive.

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