November 18, 2013

Aries – Your role is the protector and sustainer. You are grounded and sensible and able to maintain order on all fronts. Spend time in nature.

Taurus – Look for a new opportunity to appear to support your bright idea. Be courageous and go for it.

Gemini – Despite your erratic thoughts you do have more viable options than you think you do. The only limits you have are self imposed.

Cancer – You have a real chance for concrete growth. Help from unexpected sources will move you forward. This is the time to strengthen your mind and body to help build your foundation.

Leo – Maintain an open mind. You don’t have to make all the decisions about your path now. Stay open to surprises. Relax.

Virgo – Don’t allow yourself to stoop to deceptive means. However, you can be clever in manipulating a situation to get your way without harming anyone in the process.

Libra – There is a problem to solve which will lead to your personal growth. A new truth will occur to you which will help you gain a fresh perspective.

Scorpio – Take some time to yourself to contemplate your emotions. You are tired of feeling disappointed and ready to look for better things. They are there for the taking.

Sagittarius – It may be wise to keep some things hidden for now. Seek better understanding before taking action.

Capricorn – We don’t always have control over what life sets in our path but we can decide how we respond. Try not to get too attached to one way of being. Don’t try to control everything; you can’t.

Aquarius – You have a lot to deal with and you deal with it with ease. Follow the money path. You may need to travel or even move house to take advantage of material opportunities.

Pisces – Pay attention to your body, the earth and nature. Now is the time to put in the extra mile to make it all work.

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