October 21, 2013

Aries – A particular female will be very helpful in giving you ways of increasing your monthly income.

Taurus – Don’t judge a book by its cover or else you could miss out on your blessing. An assertive woman will have a strong impact on your way of thinking.

– You inspire others with your wealth of knowledge. Stay home and complete a project.

Cancer – Patience is in order. Things will move slow for you but you will get everything done. Extra money will pop up.

Leo – Watch your health! Your immune system is weak. Don’t allow issues of love to cloud your vision.

– Mercury is retrograde so take that into consideration when everything grinds to a halt. Relax when it comes to love/relationships. Things will work out!

Libra – News about job/work/career will come this week. Take it in stride because in the end it will be beneficial to you.

Scorpio – Overall, this will be one of the best weeks you have had in a long time. Your financial forecast looks bright! Side projects and part time jobs bring extra cash and fun.

Sagittarius – A few unexpected expenses may come your way. But, you will have the money on hand to cover the costs!

– Don’t let old friends and estranged family members ruffle your feathers. Ignore them and all will be well.

Aquarius – It’s time for a major change. You need to spice up your humdrum life. Start making plans now for the New Year!

Pisces – You are causing yourself a lot of distress for no reason! Let things go and share more of your thoughts and feelings with others. It’s free therapy!

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