October 14, 2013

Aries – You may be doing a lot of wishful thinking. Streamline your thoughts. Important decisions will be handed down soon.

– Very active week for you ahead. You have a lot on your plate and will become overwhelmed. Don’t feel guilty if you have to cancel plans.

– Continued work on relationships will prove to be worth your time and effort. Don’t force anything and it will go smoothly.

– Keep track of what’s going on around you. You get ideas on how to make things happen just by being observant!

– Spiritual victories and victories in your professional life make this is stellar week. Major advances will be made on your part.

Virgo – Your creativity brings about balance. You are an artist in many ways so think of yourself in those terms. Legal issues go in your favor.

– Emotions run high as they relate to your career advancement. You feel the momentum but don’t see the results yet. You will soon!

– Sticky issues pertaining to a dominate female in your life will end. Your energy is high, yet scattered. Ground yourself!

– You have fun hanging out with friends and family. Dealings with higher ups actually work in your favor and leave you feeling optimistic.

– This time of year is usually very good for your career advancement. Good news may be on the way for you! Stay positive!

– Working for yourself is possible. The timing is ripe NOW for you to turn it up and get cracking on being your own boss! Just do it!

– You have been slow in making any progress! But things will pick up quickly and propel you along to make up for the time. Stay the course and success will come.

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