September 30, 2013

Aries – Career advancements will not be hampered by disagreements you have with hire-ups. You will actually garner more respect.

Taurus – Issues dealing with family tradition, culture, legacy will turn out fine. Just stand your ground.

Gemini – Finances are on the rise. This makes you a very happy person.

Cancer – All goes well this week. Follow your gut on tough matters. News about a new addition to your family will come.

Leo – You reap benefits from past work! Investments prove to be profitable.

Virgo – Good news about work/career/job opportunities will come to you.

Libra – Don’t get caught off-guard! Stay on your toes and don’t hesitate to go to a higher authority for assistance.

Scorpio – Expected money is delayed. However, unexpected money will come right on time.

Sagittarius – You will be invited to exclusive events that will lead to networking with some very interesting people. Make the most of it!

Capricorn – Extra money finds its way to you! Independent projects bare fruit.

Aquarius – A particular romantic pursuit doesn’t work out as you had hope but there is another one right around the corner that is more promising.

Pisces – Money manners improve. People who owe you will pay up.

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