September 23, 2013

Aries –Single Aries find it easy to date this week. Attached Aries find their partners have more influence over them them usual.

Taurus – Your friends and family have much to say about your personal life. Some of the commentary is on point. Take heed.

Gemini – You are over the moon. Nothing can bring you down. This energy will open doors to new jobs for you.

Cancer – Influential people give you a helping hand when it comes to corporate or governmental matters.

Leo – Take a step back and figure out what your next move will be. There is an avenue you can explore that has a lot of potential you just need to clear your mind in order to see it.

Virgo – Some plans go array. No need to argue or get off track! Regroup and get back to work.

Libra – Emotions are running high, so be careful to think before you speak. Once your words are out in the ether it is impossible to retrieve them.

Scorpio – Despite how this week starts out it will end perfectly! It’s about how you finish the race, not how you start.

Sagittarius – This will be a powerful week for you in terms of career advancement and making money. You can’t go wrong.

Capricorn – Collaborations on projects and business deals need rethinking. News about moving, either regarding job location or personal residence is coming up soon.

Aquarius – The potential to make more money is right in front of you but you are not seizing the opportunity because of mixed emotions. Just go for it! There is no such thing as failure, only growth.

Pisces – A trip is in-store! You will not go alone. Enjoy yourself!

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