September 16, 2013

Aries – funds will be released to you from an institution. This will give you the boost you needed to assist with improving your case flow.

– Good week ahead when it comes to earning money. Some of your many creative ideas take off and are well received by the public.

Gemini – Your luck with love is exceptional. An existing relationship will grow or a new relationship will take off! Professional interactions with co-workers improve.

Cancer – You are on a good path, continue the good work. Don’t let destructive thoughts impair you.

Leo – A change of residence is in-store! Rearranging your home will unearth lost prized possessions.

Virgo – This week is all about love for the Virgo. For those who don’t have a family and want one, the cosmos are working overtime to help you achieve that. You will see the merits of their work soon.

Libra – Moody describes your current state. Use your creative/artistic talents to earn you extra cash.

Scorpio – Watch your spending and how you handle money. Unexpected expenses could pop up this week but you will have enough to cover it if you are frugal.

Sagittarius – For those that are in a relationship, there will be a cooling off period between the two of you. Those that desire a relationship, someone will get your attention but getting together with them will be a challenge.

Capricorn – Positive developments arrive regarding your previous work/projects but progress may take a left turn. However, ride out the period as things will straighten up at a later point! It will work out.

Aquarius – Emotional week up ahead! Stand your ground when it comes to co-workers and supervisors. Don’t fear losing your job because you won’t! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Pisces – Your dreams and intuition are showing you where the money is coming from. Just take heed and wait.

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