September 9, 2013

Aries – Financially, this is a good week for you! Romance blossoms and job opportunities come your way.

Taurus – Your positive thought process will calm your stress levels and help you get the job done easily and quickly!

Gemini – Your patience will be tested. Don’t let them get the best of you! You are itching to do something creative. Try something new and fun.

Cancer – A financial opportunity fell through for you but a new one will open up soon.

– Take this week to plan things out thoroughly before taking action. Money matters are improving.

Virgo – Surrender control, relax your mind and allow yourself to just go with your heart’s content this week. Things always fall into place.

Libra – You won the argument and now you understand fully what is going on. Money situation stabilizes.

Scorpio – Job/career issues improve, as well as, your health. This week will offer up a pleasant surprise.

– Deciding which direction to take is frustrating. A friend will help you make a sound decision.

– Think of new ways to Feng Shui your home or office. It will be life giving.

– You feel like you are starting from scratch again. Actually, you are not! The next step will take you closer to the finish line.

Pisces – A particular young male is a source of irritation for you! Don’t allow him to get under your skin. The week will end perfectly for you.

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