September 2, 2013

Aries – September will get off to an awkward start for you. However, all inconveniences will quickly fade and allow you to move forward with projects.

Taurus – This week you do yourself a big favor and live in the moment and not think about yesterday! A residential move or change in jobs is coming soon.

Gemini – Business partnerships fair well, however, make sure you see the glass have full instead of half empty.

Cancer – Just date and have a good time, don’t think to much about anything else except having fun.

Leo – Some of August’s energy is still lingering, however, things will pick up by mid-week.

Virgo – This is a good week for love. Also, contracts and business deals will work out perfectly. Looks like you might have made an important connection with a new business associate.

Libra – take things slow. There is some spillage from August that could trip you up. Take sound advice from a good friend.

Scorpio – A good week awaits you! Practice not having a care in the world and see how great things turn out for you!!! Sometimes, it is best to keep things light and airy!!!!

– September starts out great for you! Major advances in personal life and business take place.

– Confusion about a special someone has you a little anxious. Don’t worry the answer will come.

Aquarius – Partnerships, either business or romantic, will be solidified soon.

– Nothing rocks your boat. You have a good handle on your emotions despite people pushing your buttons.

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