Monthly Archives September 2013

September 30, 2013

Aries – Career advancements will not be hampered by disagreements you have with hire-ups. You will actually garner more respect.

Taurus – Issues dealing with family tradition, culture, legacy will turn out fine. Just stand your ground.

Gemini – Finances are on the rise. This makes you a very happy person.

Cancer – All goes well this week. Follow your gut on tough matters. News about a new addition to your family will come.

Leo – You reap benefits from past work! Investments prove to be profitable.

Virgo – Good news about work/career/job opportunities will come to you.

Libra – Don’t get caught off-guard! Stay on your toes and don’t hesitate to go to a higher authority for assistance.

Scorpio – Expected money is delayed. However, unexpected money will come right on time.

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September 23, 2013

Aries –Single Aries find it easy to date this week. Attached Aries find their partners have more influence over them them usual.

Taurus – Your friends and family have much to say about your personal life. Some of the commentary is on point. Take heed.

Gemini – You are over the moon. Nothing can bring you down. This energy will open doors to new jobs for you.

Cancer – Influential people give you a helping hand when it comes to corporate or governmental matters.

Leo – Take a step back and figure out what your next move will be. There is an avenue you can explore that has a lot of potential you just need to clear your mind in order to see it.

Virgo – Some plans go array. No need to argue or get off track! Regroup and get back to work.

Libra – Emotions are running high, so be car...

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September 16, 2013

Aries – funds will be released to you from an institution. This will give you the boost you needed to assist with improving your case flow.

– Good week ahead when it comes to earning money. Some of your many creative ideas take off and are well received by the public.

Gemini – Your luck with love is exceptional. An existing relationship will grow or a new relationship will take off! Professional interactions with co-workers improve.

Cancer – You are on a good path, continue the good work. Don’t let destructive thoughts impair you.

Leo – A change of residence is in-store! Rearranging your home will unearth lost prized possessions.

Virgo – This week is all about love for the Virgo...

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September 9, 2013

Aries – Financially, this is a good week for you! Romance blossoms and job opportunities come your way.

Taurus – Your positive thought process will calm your stress levels and help you get the job done easily and quickly!

Gemini – Your patience will be tested. Don’t let them get the best of you! You are itching to do something creative. Try something new and fun.

Cancer – A financial opportunity fell through for you but a new one will open up soon.

– Take this week to plan things out thoroughly before taking action. Money matters are improving.

Virgo – Surrender control, relax your mind and allow yourself to just go with your heart’s content this week. Things always fall into place.

Libra – You won the argument and now you understand fully what is going on...

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September 2, 2013

Aries – September will get off to an awkward start for you. However, all inconveniences will quickly fade and allow you to move forward with projects.

Taurus – This week you do yourself a big favor and live in the moment and not think about yesterday! A residential move or change in jobs is coming soon.

Gemini – Business partnerships fair well, however, make sure you see the glass have full instead of half empty.

Cancer – Just date and have a good time, don’t think to much about anything else except having fun.

Leo – Some of August’s energy is still lingering, however, things will pick up by mid-week.

Virgo – This is a good week for love. Also, contracts and business deals will work out perfectly...

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