August 26, 2013

Aries – Overtures of romantic love warm your heart. You will learn a lot about your own emotions and how to use them to help not hinder you.

Taurus – Your stubbornness could get in the way. Keep your mind open and see things from different angles.

Gemini – This is a highly creative week for you. Good news about employment will come.

Cancer – Despite your tendency to beat yourself up, you will actually be very proud of yourself and what you accomplish before September arrives.

Leo – Have patience with intransigent people. They will not impede your progress for much longer.

Virgo – Disappointments give way to good fortune by the week’s end! Stay positive.

Libra – Distractions and verbal conflicts with others reveal useful information.

Scorpio – Your sexual appeal is high. More opportunities for single Scorpios to date will come this week.

Sagittarius – Good change is coming. Persistent problems come to an end.

Capricorn – Major decisions will be made or handed down by the end of the week. You will be pleased!

Aquarius – New love interests appear out of the clear blue sky, so it seems. You have another chance to create a dynamic relationship with someone special.

Pisces – A good week lies ahead which will usher in September on a very good note.

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