August 12, 2013

Aries – Words will be had with you and someone in your circle! Say what you need to say and move on. Don’t allow the exchange to dampen your week as it will blow over soon.

– Sometimes your negative thinking can cause you to manifest exactly what you don’t want. Be mindful of that. Focus only on what you DO want!!! Remember: Change is GOOD!

– You are in a highly creative phase but your melancholy mood is clouding the potential beauty you could be manifesting. Give your energy to beauty and that will lift your spirits.

– Your week looks promising. Things fall into place as you curb your emotions and stick to getting the job done.

– You re-connect with people from your past who help you figure out your future.

– You have an eye for beauty and yearn to see more of it. So you set out to create what you want to see. This will be an exciting time for you.

– You may be acting overly possessive when it comes to relationships and business partnerships. Be aware of this as you may alienate the very people you need.

– Watch your words and how you address people. This is a highly charged week. New opportunities regarding making money will appear.

– You figure out ways of increasing your income. Your artistic creativity is the key.

– This is a good week to make business deals and sign contracts. It will pay off in the end.

– Good news about career/jobs come this week. You could gain a lot financially. Stay strong with matters pertaining to the home.

– Romantic partnerships could turn out to be lucrative. Business meetings and deals go smoothly. You are in a much better mood this week.

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