August 5, 2013

Aries – You make career gains. Others enjoy working with you. Friendships and relationships fair well.

– Fantastic week coming for you! Things will fall into place perfectly and at the right time.

– Traveling and a change of jobs are in the near future. However, you must accept that other phases of your life will come to a natural close.

Cancer – You are highly psychic but translating the incoming info negatively. There is nothing negative about it! You need to see things from a love base rather than fear base perspective.

– Romantic relationships go well. If you are single, a new romantic prospect appears. The potential for something serious is strong.

– You are experiencing some guilt, regret or frustration about something that is really out of your control. Know that the end of a trying situation is near. Just hang on to positive thoughts and goals.

Libra – Finances perk up and your ability to command respect and more responsibility increases.

Scorpio – You will have a better understanding and get answers to some of the issues that have been plaguing you. Your money luck will be hot this week.

– A celebratory week lies ahead for you. You score major points regarding job/business.

– Think things through before you take a major risk. The time is not right, yet!

– Watch you emotional state as it can seriously affect your health. Career advancements are on the table.

– You have the power to make things manifest quickly! Don’t mentally sabotage your gift! Stay positive.

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