July 29, 2013

Aries – You finally understand the depths of what it truly means to have a good relationship and how to be a good partner.

– You can make miracles happen. Just stay focused.

– Disappointments when it comes to love and relationships but that will be short lived.

Cancer – Major developments take place by week’s end however changes must take place in order to bring about positive shifts in one’s life.

Leo – Special events and ceremonies take place for you or around you. Make sure you stay humble and check your ego.

– You make important gains in career and personal achievements. People around you will take notice.

– Opportunities to make money from home or from real state will come.

Scorpio – New relationships and partnerships take shape and bring much needed balance into your life.

– Changing residences or renovating your current living space take place. You are blessed with a temporary increase in income.

– Romantic relationships are emphasized this week. Issues with co-workers or friends at the job come up but can be resolved quickly.

Aquarius – Family and relationships are on top of the list. Things move in a positive direction.

– Your good fortune increases especially when it comes to matters related to health.

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