July 8, 2013 Weekly Tarotscopes

Aries – Change in residence and/or change in jobs is coming this or next month. You may get news about both this week.

– You need to see a professional, such as, a doctor, lawyer, counselor etc. Don’t put it off.

– A trip is on the horizon. It will be a much needed get-a-way. You need it to clear your head.

– Financially things are looking good for you. It will behoove you to entertain the thought of entrepreneurship. You have what it takes.

Leo – News about earning money will come by end of week and will allow you to relax a little.

Virgo – News about a legal matter will arrive in a few days. It will be a JUST decision and one that favors you are people close to you.

Libra – New job opportunities come from prestigious companies and businesses.

– People will judge you and this will not set well with you. Words will be exchanged. This will blow over by next week.

Sagittarius – strong feminine energy influences you and helps you get more in-touch with your emotions and issues pertaining to love and relationships.

Capricorn – You have a ton of work ahead of you. But with time management, you will meet all your deadlines and get a special thank you from those you helped out.

– A short trip is coming up for you this week or next. Stay to yourself, as much as, you can in order to recharge.

Pisces – This is not the time to run around and stay busy. This Mercury retrograde is intense. So rest up now for a busy next week.

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